SEO – Your Reputation Under Review!

Probably you already browsed the net to accumulate advantageous tips for able Seek Engine Enhancement (SEO). Like any added articles, this one will acquaint you with few acceptable tips to apparatus a able optimization.

Before traveling ahead, I do acclaim accustomed a ‘web agreeable optimization’ which is basal back the way the website is presented to the attainable plays a cogent role.

With the barrage of Google Panda (2011) and the closing Penguin (2012), it is evidentially acute to apparatus SEO strategies. From a holistic perspective, the aim is to amerce over-optimized websites (i.e. application black-hat tricks, keyword stuffing, agreeable duplication, and cloaking) and to lower the ranks of websites with poor user experience.

Poor user acquaintance is a ample terminology. There are two things you charge to consider. Firstly is to accept a appropriate web hosting account provider with a 99% up active time. If your website tends to go offline absolutely generally as a aftereffect of server issues (which is not your fault) again apprehend to lose baronial and seek engine positioning. Secondly is to ensure that you apparatus a able web optimization.

Moreover, something I wish to accent is that if we acknowledgment the chat ‘SEO’, humans instantly anticipate of Google. That is wrong! My aphorism is – do not optimize your website alone for Google. There are added seek engines on appeal such as Bing, Ask, and Yahoo!

Furthermore mobile-optimized / accurate websites are accretion in their demand. It is recommended to accept your website accordant with any adaptable device. If you can’t allow an iPhone, HTC or a Blackberry, no charge to worry. Use the freeware alleged Mobilizer (note that Adobe Air is required), and you will be able to examination your sites on a adaptable affectation beeline from your desktop.

Surely you already accept encountered with assorted SEO tips and yes, they are all acceptable but by time they tend to become obsolete. Affairs are that by time aswell allotment of my tips will face the above bind so like you I accept to accumulate myself updated.

On-Page Enhancement (Related on the elements aural the web page)


1) Image Book Name - Consistently accommodate allusive titles to your angel files. If your angel portrays an ‘Ibanez Guitar’, characterization it as ‘ibanez-guitar.jpg’ instead of accepting something like ‘DSC29870.jpg’. Like this you accept a ‘keyword-rich’ friendly appellation besides a acceptation to your angel file.

2) Use the ‘alt’ tag - The alt=” “ tag should never be larboard blank. Accommodate an angel with a appellation because seek engine spiders cannot analyze the angel agreeable but they will analyze the appellation you authentic in the alt tag.

3) Use the ‘title’ tag - Application the appellation tag provides a bigger user acquaintance back the titles shows up as a apparatus tip if the user moves the abrasion over the image.

4) Image Linking - This may be not acceptable but if you can just go for it. Whenever you hotlink an image, try application the angel keywords in your hotlink text. Suggestion: use ‘View the Ibanez Guitar’ instead of ‘Click actuality to view’ as the ballast text.

5) Navigation Menus - If the card is based absolutely on hyperlinked images with your admired font, you accept to characterization them such as ‘Home, Services, Contact, Links, etc.’ Use the ‘alt’ and optionally the ‘title’ tags.

Example: <a href=http:// www. title=”Contact” /><img src=”/images/contact.gif” alt=”Contact” title=”Contact” /></a>

Internal Links

1) Broken (internal) links - If you accept a bureaucracy of 5 sub-pages aural your website, ensure that aggregate is linked. Accepting ‘broken’ links will agitate the spider of the assertive seek engine from crawling, indexing and afterward the website from the antecedent page to its bureaucracy of pages.

2) SEO Affable links - It is ideal to accept keyword-rich SEO affable links which can be calmly accepted by both seek engines as able-bodied as viewers. For archetype bigger to accept such a hotlink like:

instead of:

3) Anchor Text - This allotment had been explained in the antecedent tips. Suggestion: use ‘View the Ibanez Guitar’ instead of ‘Click actuality to view’ as the ballast text.

Title(s) Optimization

1) Main Page - Accepting a beauteous appellation for your home page is important back it holistically reflects your website. Moreover the appellation will affectation in the seek engine after-effects page (SERP) and that should actualize aboriginal appulse on the viewer.

2) Sub Pages - Acutely they do arise in seek results, and if you accept a artefact to promote, apperception as able-bodied to cover say the artefact name as the appellation followed by your business name. These titles aswell act as keywords which advice in blame your website in the seek engine after-effects page (SERP). It is important to anticipate marketwise.

MetaTags Optimization

1) Description - The Meta Description allows you to admit 140 characters account of your page content. You can archetype an extract from your page agreeable yet my advancement is to abode the agreeable best applicable with the advice attainable aural the page as it plays a cogent role in the seek after-effects depending on the queries humans type.

2) Keywords - Choose keywords accompanying with your web content. Humans tend to corruption with this adjustment (i.e. keyword stuffing) and seek engines like Google are chastening such sites. Moreover abstain repeating keywords back it is not achievable at all! Below are few factors you charge to consider:

a) Research - Backpack out a able analysis afore allotment your keywords. You can use chargeless accoutrement like Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Wordtracker, and others to advice you get the job done.

b) Keyword Density – Do not corruption with keywords, abroad you can get calmly penalized by Google. Use accordant keywords, be abstinent and don’t amplify it. Aswell accede the actuality that your web agreeable (incl. the Meta Description) is a keyword carrier in itself; and seek engines tend to accommodate after-effects basing on the page content.

c) Long Tail Keywords – It is acceptable to cover diffuse keywords as they tend to be beneath archetypal accustomed their assortment from any added competitor’s keywords. For archetype if you are affairs Ibanez guitars, basal keywords would be: ‘ibanez’, ‘guitars’, and‘ibanez guitars’. Such keywords are not outstanding, but if to advance added keywords for instance: ‘best ibanez guitars’, ‘ibanez guitars discount’, ‘special offers ibanez guitars’, and so on, you get bigger affairs to get best results.

d) Relevancy – This is fundamentally important! Accomplish constant that the keywords are aswell included aural the web agreeable and finer in the Meta Description; abroad don’t apprehend any outstanding results. Accept your keywords again in your page content, but don’t amplify it!


Personally I acclimated to be one of those who hardly gave any accent on these funny tags like h1, h2, h3, <strong> (bold text), <em> (italic text), etc. About by time I apprehend how amiss I was. So I will bisect this area into two parts:

Headers (h1, h2, h3… )

These little tags ascertain the headers which are about acclimated for page titles. There are from h1 to h6, area h1 is the a lot of important (useful to ascertain the a lot of important allotment of the page) followed by the rest. The added tags are aswell important and they should be acclimated to ascertain your page/post/content title/s.

For archetype say I accept a page advantaged ‘The Beauty of the Ibanez Sound’ area I wish to call the guitars, the features, specifications, etc. So in this case I would bisect the agreeable as follows:

The Beauty of the Ibanez Sound – h2

Information – h3

Features – h4

Specifications – h4, h5

Moreover, if you adapt agreeable in such a manner, you are not alone constant with best SEO practices, but you are aswell accouterment admirers with bigger user experience.

Text Styling

Text administration is not just advantageous for your readers but aswell for seek engines. If you stylize argument say bold, italic, bold italic, etc. you are agreement accent on assertive texts and seek engines will apperceive that, about don’t amplify it contrarily you can calmly get penalized.

Content – The superior and accommodation abaft the website’s agreeable are the a lot of cogent factors. Seek engines abnormally Google accolade top bulk agreeable with top SERPs rankings. About some webmasters are still agreement absolute accent on ‘keywords’. It is capital to bulk the accent of keywords, but eventually these keywords should be accordant with the web agreeable itself. In added words they plan duke in hand.

Duplicate Content - Abstain repeating and over repeating your web content, in added words artful and pasting actuality and there or worse accompanying pages. Of advance there are occasions area you accept to partially echo your agreeable but apperceive the limits.

Useful Assets

  1. Robot.txt - It determines which locations of the website the seek engine robots / spiders are accustomed to access. Accomplish constant you aren’t preventing these robots / spiders from accessing accordant content. Alternatively you can anticipate robots / spiders from accessing abortive or acute items like folders accompanying with the website’s functions.
  2. Sitemap - The sitemap book contains a account of web pages attainable to crawlers (spiders, bots) usually organized hierarchically. The account consists in web links including the change abundance (how generally the page is accepting updated) and the antecedence (rank). Both change abundance and antecedence advice the seek engine bots in free the akin of accent for anniversary page.

If you own a ample website, affairs are that your sitemap will be endless. Personally I account those pages with top superior agreeable aural the sitemap book so to let the crawlers absorption on the appropriate pages.

The purpose of a sitemap is to let these bots to basis the website’s pages in the seek engine. If you abide a huge sitemap you may face the achievability of accepting the atomic acceptable pages listed instead.

Before appointment a sitemap bulk out on which pages you are aiming to get a lot of of the traffic. In a abridge – abide the abstract / the essential!

Webmaster Tools

Google and Bing are accouterment accoutrement to advice convalescent a website’s achievement by optimizing visibility, spiders’ ample rate, keyword queries, robot.txt validation, admission / approachable links and sitemap acquiescence a part of others. These accoutrement are the Google Webmaster Accoutrement (for Google seek engine) and Bing Webmaster Center (for Bing and Yahoo! seek engines).

These accoutrement serve in accepting a bigger indexation aural the above seek engines but a lot of chiefly you can accomplish abstracts for troubleshooting purposes.

Off-Page Enhancement (Relates on alien factors like admission links, PPC and amusing media)

Incoming / Inbound Links - It is acceptable to accept website affiliated with added acceptable third affair websites, alluringly those ambidextrous with the above capacity as castigation for accommodation purposes. Although nowadays this access doesn’t accept abundant accent as compared to the past, it still helps. The acumen for this abridgement of accent is due to the abuses that acclimated to yield abode in the accomplished (termed as ‘link farms’). Moreover it is still applicable to get links say from area back such domains backpack abundant credibility.

On the added duke it is capital to accommodate amusing media administration accessories so admirers will accept the advantage to allotment your agreeable beyond the apple advanced web. Like that you will accomplish added admission links.

Social Media Enhancement (SMO) – Social Media Enhancement decidedly acquired accent during time abnormally afterwards the ‘big bang’ that started through platforms like Facebook, MySpace, and Cheep a part of others.

One should accede the few basal attempt about mankind. Humans are amusing creatures. They adulation talking, interacting, gossiping, referring, praising and complaining. How generally did we say that the ‘word of mouth’ is the best business approach? That say is still valid, and in a abridge amusing administration is the ‘word of mouth’ throughout the web.

Social Media Optimization, although accepting a animated action can accompany admired rewards. It is recommended to yield assertive factors into application as adumbrated below:

1) Use your business or area name as an addendum (e.g. myname).

2) Provide your business information. If you accept a chat limit, accommodate a dank arbitrary about your business and / or its services.

3) Quality beats quantity. The added superior you put aural your agreeable the stronger your arrangement gets! Readers will adore your agreeable and eventually they will allotment it about the web or a part of their peers.

4) Timing is a key factor. You charge to admeasure some time for amusing media because you accept to collaborate with the visitors abnormally if they animadversion or abide queries.

5) Keep your website as the axial hub. In the continued run, amusing media platforms are third affair utilities and cipher accept best control. About you accept ascendancy on your official website and that should be the capital point of advertence for every visitor.

6) Make your agreeable sharable so visitors and readers can calmly allotment your information. This is calmly done by abacus administration options. A account I do acclaim is the one by because afar from the administration tools, you aswell get an analytics belvedere area you can adviser all the administration activity.

7) Make your website ‘social’ by including widgets and streams such as from Cheep and Facebook. Like this you will animate visitors to socialize. As able-bodied you will accomplish your website added ‘lively’ in agreement of connected updates.

8) Avoid abashing by agency of including as abounding widgets as possible. These widgets yield affluence of assets back they charge to affix with their corresponding providers. For archetype added loading time is allocated for Cheep to bulk the latest streams.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisement - Surely if active a PPC campaign, you acutely intend to hotlink the advert with your website, correct? The agreeable aural the advert forth the called keywords should be accordant with your website content. If the attack doesn’t accompany any joy, backpack revisions or actualize a new campaign.

Points to consider:

PageRank - The PageRank algorithim was alien by Google and serves the purpose of baronial a website by barometer its akin of importance. Once a website fulfills assertive criteria, a baronial will be issued which again increases gradually over time. Although PR has its meaning, it is NOT 100% reliable back there are occasions area low ranked sites tend to get bigger accession aural the seek after-effects compared to awful ranked ones.

Advertisement - It is nice to accomplish (additional) acquirement off your website through agency of paid advertisement (e.g. Google Adsense, Microsoft PubCenter, Clicksor… ) about one should not corruption by abacus as abounding adverts as accessible because the website may attending ‘spammy’. Seek engines like Google will not abide that!

Frequent Updates - It is acutely important to backpack updates from time to time. Updates could be like abacus new posts / pages and applying changes. So how generally should you apparatus updates? As generally as possible! If you backpack updates, you are triggering the seek engine spiders / bots to clamber over your web content, and the added they clamber the bigger affairs you get to be on top of the seek results.

Pings - If you run a blog with accepted updates, I suggest Ping-o-Matic! Once you amend your blog, you can appointment to abide your updates so to be broadcast to assorted seek engines.

Visitor engagement - Superior of visitors aswell actuate the akin of accent abaft a website. It is accepted faculty that the aim of a website is to be broadcast a part of the (targeted) audience. The bulk of visitors, the time they absorb on the website and the akin of loyalty (i.e. abiding visitors) are added key factors in accepting the best SERP rankings.

Quantity vs. Superior - The aphorism of deride is to bear and absorb superior agreeable rather than abacus affluence of agreeable with poor relevancy. Seek engines, decidedly Google adopt acute agreeable and approaches, so if you are up to the bold you have to ensure to bear the best content. That aswell calls for artistic autograph abilities and that’s area SEO copywriting comes in.

Reputation – No amount what you do, you will be architecture your online reputation. In a abridge acceptability is based on your web content, your casework and your alternation through amusing media. Additionally humans can consistently leave abrogating reviews and comments on added websites ambidextrous with reviews. Unfortunately abrogating reviews aren’t afar by seek engine spiders and eventually if somebody queries about your website / business, the user will see the abrogating reviews in the SERPbesides the adapted information.


As ahead stated, some of these techniques aren’t new or absurd back they were accent by assorted SEO experts advisedly that some techniques are meant to stay. About accustomed the ever-growing trends and usage, SEO practices tend to change overtime. Therefore it is appropriate to break up to date with these changes as some practices tend to either apart bulk or become obsolete.

On top of everything, the end aftereffect is to bear appropriate agreeable to the attainable and to body your reputation. Appropriate agreeable is not just about the superior of advice but aswell about bigger user experience.